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Meet the Owners

The Ordway's

Justine, wife, mom, owner, operator, bartender, social media name it, that's me! I am behind every email, every social media post, AND I am the one behind the bar 95% of the time. 

At 16, I began my venture into the food and beverage industry as a hostess. I quickly moved up the ranks in the restaurant industry through my hard work and dedication to a job well done. I worked as a barback, cake decorator, server, bartender, as well as management. I held various restaurant positions for 14 years before I made the switch to entrepreneurship at the beginning of 2021. 

About The Tipsy Wagon: About

Meet "Ed"

The Tipsy Wagon's Story

When Justine decided that the mobile bar business was happening, she didn't mess around. She spent 3 months researching laws, market saturation, and scaling the internet for a trailer to buy and convert.

Then one day, she stumbled upon The Tipsy Wagon in Tehachapi, CA. Finished enough to be workable as is, and unfinished enough to add her own personal touches over time.

With the help of Justine's bonus dad Keith, the tipsy wagon came back to life. He did a ton of work on the trailer, designed the logo, obtained the website domain, and printed the first t-shirts. An entrepreneur himself, he was a driving force for Justine's new business. 

In March of 2021, Justine brought The Tipsy Wagon to Lompoc, CA and started the first horse trailer bar business in Santa Barbara County.

So where did the name Ed come from? Justine's Bonus Dad, Keith Edward Van Dam. In February of 2022, Keith passed away. To honor his memory and all the work he had done to help create The Tipsy Wagon, Justine chose to name the trailer after him.

About The Tipsy Wagon: About
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